Hey Now, This Is My Desire 7.29.2009

It's that time again! TIME TO PROMOTE WITH TOUR POSTERS! Brand new posters and stickers for "The Outsiders" have just come in and we can't wait to ship them out to you guys all over the United States! So what do you need to do? Go the the newest mission, "Hey Now, This Is My Desire" - Time to PLASTER Your City With POSTERS! Enter the mission Email the RESPIRATOR for the show you want to help promote Posters will be shipped to your house within a couple of weeks of the show The RESPIRATOR in charge of the area will tell you where to go to promote the show ALSO-- You MUST take pictures of your work! We love seeing them and its how you can prove that you're using the posters to the BEST of your ability! **REALIZE THAT BY SIGNING UP FOR THIS MISSION, YOU ARE GIVING US PERMISSION TO RELEASE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO THE RESPIRATOR IN YOUR AREA. I can't wait to see you guys out there promoting! This is where you guys really shine and I know you'll do awesome!

BREATHER President

A Taste of "The Outsiders" 7.24.2009

The FIRST taste of "The Outsiders" is finally here! NEEDTOBREATHE has just realeased "A Taste Of The Outisders", a sampling of all the songs on their upcoming CD, mixed by its own Seth Bolt! As faithful street teamers, you're getting the first taste! So, go to the "media" tab, then "music", then "The Outsiders" and check it out! Comment, too and tell us what you think!
Enjoy! :)

BREATHER President

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